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Training / June 2019
Sarah Corda, Reebok

Best Gym Shoes for Men: What’s Right for Your Workout?

Find the best gym shoes to fit your needs, whether you’re a runner, a CrossFit lover, a powerlifter, or anything in between.

Navigating which sneaker is best to wear for which activity can be a rather daunting task. It can be difficult to motivate yourself to get to the gym in the first place. The last thing you should be worrying about is whether or not you selected the right gym shoes for your workout. This should never be something that holds you back. If anything, you should be rocking sneakers that inspire you to show up and be your best at the gym. That's why we've come up with a guide that will make selecting your gym shoes second nature. 
We broke down the best sneakers for any activity you may be participating in. Whether you are always in the box for CrossFit or training for a half marathon, we’ve created a guide for the best sneakers for you. Fear not, there’s no need to sacrifice on style in these amazing picks. Our sneaker guide will help you determine which gym shoe is right for your specific workout type and individual needs.
It can be overwhelming to think about all of the different features and the range of available styles for gym shoes. Beyond this, there are so many subcategories when it comes to a simple running sneaker or any other type of shoe. All of these sneakers have been designed with your workout in mind, resulting in shoes that have been tailor-made to your needs. We’ve rounded up the best gym shoes for your specific workout style because we understand that everybody is different. Beyond this, it is important to avoid injury at the gym. Being in the proper fitting shoes will ensure your safety. 
Many of these styles have actually been customized by experts in the field. For example, you’ll find that the newest iteration of Nanos was designed with the CrossFit community in mind. They ensured that no detail was left behind. These sneakers have been constructed by people who know everything about CrossFit, so they knew exactly what to include in the new designs. 
What’s another exciting thing about these sneakers? Many of them also incorporate some of the classic staples of Reebok’s heritage. The Sole Fury SE is a tribute to the 90s with its bold colorways and split-sole style. When sporting these sneakers, you will not skimp on style. You truly can have it all with both function and fashion because of these modern designs. Keep reading to find the best sneakers that fit your lifestyle.
Check out the guide below to find out what workout shoes you need for your next gym sesh.

For the diehard CrossFitter: Reebok Nano 9 Gym Shoes

The Reebok Nano 9 was created by the CrossFit community, for the CrossFit community. This shoe takes all the best parts of the past Nano’s you know and love and takes the gym shoe the next level with added elements. It has been re-engineered to be able to handle more dynamic moves such as sprints, short runs, and rope climbs. This is truly a Nano for all. The redesigns on this gym shoe have resulted in an evolution of comfort and overall fit. Take your training beyond the box thanks to the newly added Flexweave upper. This lightweight, figure-eight weaved fibers in the upper outperform the flexibility of traditional Flexweave, providing you with even more freedom of motion. Your movements can be as dynamic as you wish thanks to this new construction. The low-cut design adds even more mobility. You’ll find additional cushioning in the midsole, which will support you next time your WOD calls for sprints. The bootie-style construction provides the ultimate performance comfort as you attempt to hit a PR. This is a staple shoe for anyone in the CrossFit community. It’s ready to take on your varied training and whatever movement comes your way in class. The Reebok Nano 9 was designed by experts in the CrossFit with the features you need to help you power through your most gruesome workouts.
Reebok Nano 9, $130; Reebok.com

If you’re a runner: Forever Floatride Energy Workout Shoes

Designed for everyday running, the Forever Floatride Energy will help you to cut out distractions and keep your splits fast. Take your pace up a notch in these sneakers, which feature a Floatride Energy Foam midsole. This provides a lightweight responsive cushioning that keeps you comfortable from start to finish. The Medial midsole geometry was designed for neutral foot motion, keeping you grounded on your runs. The engineered mesh upper offers added support and ventilation, allowing you to focus on your strides. Even on your long distance runs, you won’t be uncomfortable thanks to this breathability. The lightweight heel counter provides locked-in heel stability, so you’ll feel secure throughout your workout. The sneaker is durable due to the outsole, which has been constructed with full carbon rubber. This gym shoe has all the features you need so that you can focus all your energy on your run. The Forever Floatride Energy is the stylish shoe you need to make your next jog smooth and help you to hit your targeted distance. Best for your everyday runs, this gym shoe will allow you to push your pace and go all out.
Forever Floatride Energy, $100; Reebok.com

If you’re a HIIT and Cardio Junkie:Reebok Speed TR Flexweave Gym Shoes

If you frequent Bootcamps and other fitness classes, then you need a gym shoe that’s equipped to handle the fast-paced movements of your workout. You’ll likely be doing all sorts of movements that incorporate high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Reebok’s Speed TR Flexweave is one of the brand’s most versatile training shoes. It was constructed to take on quick transitions and the fast movements of a HIIT class. We’ve upgraded the design of this shoe by incorporating a Flexweave upper. Flexweave’s technology is created with an innovative figure eight woven structure. This material allows for a dynamic upper construction that gives you targeted support for whatever movement you do. So whether it’s sprints, mountain climbers, or burpees, this workout shoe’s got you covered. Durable enough to withstand wear and tear from your fast movements, but light enough to keep you going, this shoe can do it all. The best part of this sneaker is that it is designed to be able to handle up to five miles of running. The low-cut design offers freedom of motion that helps you transition quickly from one exercise to the next. If you’re lifting weights and mixing in a little cardio in between, the Speed TR Flexweave is the innovative shoe you need to take on your next session. Get the best of both worlds in this multifunctional gym shoe.
Reebok Speed TR Flexweave, $89.97; Reebok.com

If you do heavy weightlifting:Reebok Legacy Lifter Gym Shoes

To create the Reebok Legacy Lifter, we went straight to the source. We collaborated with world-champion Olympic weightlifter CJ Cummings for insight when designing this gym shoe. He helped create our most technical Olympic lifting shoe to hit the platform, and no detail was left behind. Not an Olympic lifter? Fear not, this sneaker can also be worn by powerlifters or anyone hitting the weights during their next gym sesh. These shoes are intended for anyone trying to take their lift sessions up a notch. So, if you’re trying to hit a PR or doing a workout only comprised of heavy lifts, then this is the gym shoe for you. Having a technical weightlifting shoe will set you up for success. The ¾” heel height of this workout shoe puts you in optimal positioning to squat. Combine this with the two adjustable upper straps, and you’ve got a customized, locked-in fit and feel. You’ll feel grounded throughout your movements due to the Exoframe and the gripped rubber outsole. Both add support and stability to your most gruesome workouts. Top it all with a full foam lining and an Achilles pad, and you’ve got the durability and comfort that you need. Take on your most intense lifts in the Reebok Legacy Lifter.
Reebok Legacy Lifter, $200; Reebok.com

If you need a shoe that doubles as streetwear:Reebok Sole Fury SE Workout Shoes

Designed with Reebok’s rich heritage in mind, this sneaker is another iteration of the Sole Fury that was created to look great outside of the gym. The Reebok Sole Fury SE not only works as a staple shoe in the gym- it also functions as a stylish post-workout look. Your street style will be upgraded thanks to the modern design of this sneaker. You also don’t have to compromise on speed when running or doing cardio due to the snug fit of this workout shoe. This 90’s inspired shoe features a distinctive split-cushioning outsole. This sneaker has been designed with an asymmetrical lacing system that looks great and feels even better. It keeps your foot intact during movements while also giving you a standout look for your runs and for wherever your day may take you once you’re done at the gym. The mesh upper portion offers even more breathability and ventilated comfort with each step. This sneaker is best for days when you aren’t doing anything crazy intense at the gym. We all know what it's like to be too sore to do a full workout. This is the gym shoe you need when you're taking it easy with an active rest day. Enter the Sole Fury SE, which will propel you through and keep you comfortable for the duration of your exercise. The Sole Fury SE is the daring gym to street shoe that is a must for any bold wardrobe. With countless colorways ranging from muted neutrals to wild neons, you’ll have trouble deciding which pair is right for you.
Reebok Sole Fury SE, $90; Reebok.com
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Training / June 2019
Sarah Corda, Reebok
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