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Style / August 2019
Danielle Rines, Reebok

Why The Big Logo Trend Works

Reebok Classic’s overbranded pack is paying homage to its logo heritage and the impact it had on style and culture.

A logo can be a representation of a brand’s identity. It’s a mark that signifies we’ve been here, and we own it. Reebok’s vector logo is iconic. It was introduced in 1993 as the premiere logo for performance, according to the Reebok Archive. Since then it’s gone through many iterations, been paired with different wordmarks and come and gone a few times to become the one we all know and recognize today.
Since the Reebok logo is so recognizable we decided to make it bit more prominent on some of our most classic and timeless silhouettes, the Reebok Classic Club C and Classic Leather in an overbranded collection. The bold and playful logos can be seen right on the sides of the sneakers in red and blue giving each a pop. These sneakers are a must-have icon for your wardrobe.
The large logo trend popped on the scene again around 2017/2018 and has taken up residence on many runways and in store windows since then. It’s a chance for well-known brands to celebrate their mark and potentially unknown brands to get their name out there. Mixing up sizing, placement and colors to get it just right on a product is a science. There was a time when no one wanted branding on anything so it says a lot about fashion now that bold declarations are the future or at least the right now. 
Check out just a few of the reasons we think you should be taking advantage of this trend right now! 

It Makes A Statement

Literally. Not only can a larger than life logo look cool if styled right it also can be a mark of brand loyalty in your closet. Let’s be honest, you aren’t buying something with a logo on it if you didn’t want to fully commit and represent. It’s not about being a walking billboard either, it’s about showing respect and believing in whatever and whoever you’re wearing and what they stand for.

Placement Matters

This trend also gives you options and makes you think. How bold and loud do you want to be? Are you wearing it as a staple or as a more subtle addition to a full outfit. It all depends on the piece. If it’s a sweatshirt with a logo taking up the entire body you may need to keep that the focus unless you’re layering up. If it’s our Club C or Classic Leather sneakers we think this can go either way. You can wear slightly less busy clothing to let the sneakers shine or you can wear an outfit that’s had a ton going on so the sneakers compliment. Up to you!

Timing is of the Essence

We all know this trend won’t last forever because it is just that; a trend. It has a shelf life which is why capitalizing on scooping up some staple pieces from some of your favorite brands while they’re still available is crucial! If it’s a brand you know you’ll always wear and remain a fan of then you will want to show love for years to come so make sure to grab some timeless items so they can be part of that permanent collection in your closet.
Check out the Reebok Classic overbranded branded collection here.
Style / August 2019
Danielle Rines, Reebok