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Style / October 2019
Sarah Corda, Reebok

The Best Retro Gifts from the 90s

Throw it back with this Retro Gift Guide featuring styles taken straight from the ‘90s.

The holidays are coming, and with that marks a time of gift exchanges. While this can be an exciting and joyous time, it can also be a bit overwhelming to pick out the perfect gift for your loved ones. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a gift guide for anyone in your life with a retro style. There’s no doubt that the ‘90s are here to stay since their recent comeback as a major trend. We’ve got everything from platforms, pops of color, and vintage styles that pay homage to the ‘90s. 
These retro picks have been expertly cultivated so you can get gifting this holiday season. In fact, some of these selections have actually come straight from Reebok’s Archive and are exact replicas of the original styles. So there’s no need to worry about authenticity when choosing one of these throwback styles.
We’ve compiled the ultimate holiday gift guide focused on retro looks that will have you reminiscing about years past. For the full collection click here.

Aztrek Double Nu Pops Shoes

Born in 1993, the Aztrek Double Nu Pops Shoes are a spin off on an OG Reebok style. A totally fresh take on an iconic silhouette-these kicks are bold and unapologetic. These sneakers have been reimagined for the future and are ready for a new generation. Retro shoes like these wouldn’t be complete without bright pops of color to draw the eye. The stacked platform sole adds even more throwback-flair, yet keeps things looking fresh and modern. These sneakers are a street style staple thanks to their exaggerated midsole and on-trend details. The Aztrek Double Nu Pops Shoes are an essential when it comes to ‘90s gifts. 
Aztrek Double Nu Pops Shoes, $90;

Aztrek 96 Shoes

Brace yourself for another updated take on heritage Aztrek style. The Aztrek 96 shoes are the perfect gift for the retro-inspired fashionista in your life. These kicks are a fresh new approach to a classic, OG look. Added overlays incorporate Vector logos in an oversized, yet minimalist way. These kicks also feature a more angular shape than their predecessors. These retro sneakers are available in white with bright pops of red, teal, and purple. You can show off extra attitude with the daring logos and eye-catching shades of color. They’re made up with a blend of faux suede and textile. This mixed-material adds detail and draws attention to the unique textures. The Aztrek 96 Shoes are a ‘90s gift that keeps things fresh and relevant.
Aztrek 96 Shoes, $90;


The EX-O-Fit Hi is a return to the basics because it’s an iconic staple shoe. These sneakers are an essential in any retro wardrobe, making them the ideal holiday gift. Reebok has returned to its roots with this minimal, comfortable shoe. The styling on this shoe is low-key, so all eyes will be on the timeless, subtle details. These kicks are a mid-cut masterpiece. You get foot feet and durability when rocking these, which makes them an everyday athleisure addition to pair with any outfit. Made of soft, full-grain white leather, these shoes are reliable even when you wear them all day long. No matter where your day takes you, you can ensure you’ll be feeling good. If you want more security, you can lock in the ankle strap of these shoes. The EX-O-Fit Hi is the crisp, minimal classic that are the perfect gift for anyone hoping to get in on the ‘90s trends.
EX-O-FIT HI, $85;

Fury Millennium

This one’s for the old-school fans. The Fury Millenium is an icon that has returned straight from Reebok’s Archives. They’re an exact replica of the 2001 InstaPump Fury Millennium. These heritage style sneakers feature all the details that made them such a standout when they first came out. They have a metallic sheen and see-through panels that are bold and daring. They also have iconic Pump technology to provide a locked-in feel. This is combined with DMX cushioning that adapts to each of your steps. The Fury Millennium is a sneaker that will draw a lot of attention. What could be better than the return of an OG classic to gift to those with retro style?
Fury Millennium, $149.97;

Daytona DMX Shoes 

These ‘90s throwback shoes let you go with the flow. These edgy kicks make the best gift for those with retro, edgy style These sneakers are a street-style staple thanks to their statement-making silhouette. You’ll be feeling nostalgic when you lace on these shoes thanks to their tributes to decades past. The curvy, aerodynamic lines not only look cool, but also serve a purpose. They mirror DMXi technology, which moves air throughout your foot. This ensures maximum comfort and cushioning with every step when sporting these kicks. All eyes will be on you in these shoes due to the bright pops of oranges, teals, and everything in between. Designed to be bold, gift the Daytona DMX sneakers to anyone who’s looking to feel a sense of nostalgia.
Daytona DMX Shoes, $120;

Workout Plus ATI Shoes

Get ready to show your true colors in the Workout Plus ATI Shoes. These kicks are a spinoff on the classic Workout Plus shoes. First released in 1987, this shoe continues to be relevant today and has evolved into a timeless style. Both styles feature the same gum sole that makes this shoe so distinctive. This new version has bright branding details to pop on these fitness-inspired shoes. They also have a transparent heel and H-straps, which add yet another eye-catching detail to an already unapologetically bold shoe. The frosted outsole also shows off a progressive design and highlights the changes on this new style. This shoe is a no-brainer gift for anyone with retro-flair. You’ll always keep things interesting in the Workout Plus ATI Shoes.
Workout Plus ATI Shoes, $85;

Answer V Shoes 

The Answer V Shoes are a throwback to Allen Iverson’s iconic 2001 Answer V design. They’re made up of soft, tumbled leather that provides comfort. These kicks have modern details like pearlized synthetic overlays and a hook-and-loop heel strap. They also have authentic features that focus on Allen Iverson. There’s an Iverson graphic on the sockliner and an Iverson logo to pay homage to an icon. These sneakers also have a “3” which represents Iverson’s now-retired jersey number. DMX flow technology moves with you so you can ensure mobility and comfort with every step. These high-tops are a retro look that are perfect for anyone with an appreciation for basketball. Gift these shoes to your on-trend friends who want to throw it back with sporty heritage details. 
Answer V Shoes, $140;

Club Classic Vector Shoes 

The Club Classic Vector Shoes are the ultimate in retro gifts. These sneakers are a tennis-style that feature throwback flair. They’re a ‘90s classic thanks to the iconic color-pop Vector logo. These leather kicks come in either classic black or white and are are adorned with bright pops of fun hues. If you’re feeling daring, go with the gum sole to add an even more vintage feel to your look. These sneakers are a crisp, bold take on a classic style. The eye-catching details of these kicks will keep you getting noticed every time you lace them up. These shoes should be sported by anyone with retro style looking for an everyday classic. The Club Classic Vector Shoes are a streetwear staple gift for anyone with unapologetic, yet refined style.
Club Classic Vector Shoes, $70;

Classics Lost and Found Beanie

The Classics Lost and Found Beanie is the best way to show love for brand heritage. This beanie has an oversized contrast Reebok logo. The heritage, iconic style of this hat will have anyone with retro style reaching for it as soon as temps start to dip. The loose fit gives this hat a casual, modern look. The double-layer build provides extra warmth even during the colder months. The Classics Lost and Found Beanie makes the perfect ‘90s gift.
Classics Lost and Found Beanie, $28;

Classics Graphic Vector Crew Socks

The Classics Graphic Vector Crew Socks are staple to gift for anyone you know with vintage-inspired style. They’re an essential that will add a retro flair to any outfit. These graphic socks are sporty, bold, and fun. They  feature a “Ready to Wear” graphic that adds to the sporty vibes of these crew socks. In addition, ribbed cuffs also help keep them from falling down. Fashion meets function with these socks. They’re made of a terry fabric that adds soft, cushy comfort throughout the heels and toes. Once you put these on, you won’t want to take them off. Bright shades of red combines with heritage-hued navy and white for a patriotic, clean silhouette. The Classics Vector Crew Socks are a no-brainer when it comes to retro gifts.
Classics Graphic Vector Crew Socks, $12;
Style / October 2019
Sarah Corda, Reebok