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CrossFit® / February 2020
Bethany Heitman, Reebok Contributor

The Best Athletic Leggings For All Your 2020 Workouts

Whether you’re CrossFit-obsessed, a devoted yogi, or love to run, there’s an ideal pair of workout leggings for you. 

Leggings can make or break your workout. Slip into the wrong pair and you’ll be so distracted by them falling down, digging in, or just being all around uncomfortable that you can’t focus on crushing your sweat session. But a good pair of workout leggings will support your body in just the right way during any exercise, leaving you free to focus on blasting out another rep or gutting it through another mile. Some activities require a higher waisted legging, while heavy compression is best suited to other types of gym sessions. To figure out exactly what you need, check out our guide for the best athletic leggings (all of which come in inclusive sizing) for every type of workout.  

The Best Athletic Leggings For Running: Lux Perform Tights 

When you’re running, being able to move freely is a must. This pair is made with HYPERFORM fabric, which provides just enough compression to help support you during everything from leisurely jogs to long training runs—without feeling restrictive or suffocating. They’re also moisture-wicking, so you’ll stay dry and comfortable even during intense sprint sessions. Mesh panels in the lower leg area add even more breathability—along with a bit of extra style! Bonus: There’s a pocket in the back of the waistband that can store little things you may need on your run, like an I.D., energy bites, or cash. 

The Best Athletic Leggings For Spin Class: Lux High Rise Tights 2.0 

There’s a reason that high-waisted leggings are considered a go-to for indoor cycling classes. You need to be able to ride low in the saddle, tap back, or get into third position without having to worry that your leggings will slip down. The wide, high-rise waist on these stays put no matter what bike moves you’re doing—and gives your body a sleek, flattering silhouette in the process. A half cuff around the ankle acts as a second safety, ensuring the fit stays put no matter what your instructor demands you do. Since spin studios are also notorious for getting hot and sweaty, you’ll appreciate the way the fabric quickly wicks away sweat. 

The Best Athletic Leggings For CrossFit: CrossFit Mesh Lux Tights 


Box jumps, deadlifts, shoulder presses—train like a beast in the box with athletic leggings that don’t restrict you. This style is made with flexible knit fabric to allow you to move without any trouble. The wide, low waistband also enables you to do sit-ups and other ab moves without digging in and inhibiting you. There is also an abrasion-resistant paneling in the back of the waist for added comfort. Moisture-wicking fabric and flattering V-shaped seams at the hips are just two more benefits of this chic and functional style.  

The Best Athletic Leggings For Yoga: Yoga Lux Bold High-Rise Tights

Move through your flow with ease in these leggings. Curved, flatlock seams mean there is no chaffing as you move. The high waist won’t roll down as you move and there is just enough compression to help support you in every pose. Also nice: The fabric has just enough weight to it, so it won’t become see-through as you bend and move into downward dog. Finally, the ⅞ length hits right at your ankle for the most flattering fit and the pretty watercolor camo print is right on-trend.  

The Best Athletic Leggings for Barre Class:  Lux Bold Urban Slick 2.0 Tights  

No excuses—this lightweight pair of workout leggings won’t restrict you in any way as you do deep pliés. Flatlock seams won’t rub or chaff, no matter which way you move and the breathable fabric keeps you cool, even as your muscles burn. The midrise, wide waistband doesn’t budge as you bend and the half-cuff on the leg openings helps keep the fit. But this pair isn’t just about functionality, the graphic blue print is fun and playful—taking you from barre to brunch with no problem at all.  

The Best Athletic Leggings For a Dance Workout: Studio Lux Metallic Tights 

Look like a backup dancer for Beyoncé when you rock these metallic leggings to your next dance class. But the sleek, shiny look isn’t the only thing this pair has going for them. The combo of polyurethane knit fabric, high-rise waistband and V-shaped flatlock seams at the hips allow you to move as freely as needed, all while offering a super-flattering fit. And, no matter how much you sweat, the quick-dry fabric keeps you cool.  

The Best Athletic Leggings For a Boxing Workout: Combat Jacquard Lux Tights 


Fight like the badass you are in these leggings. The combat-inspired print will give you extra grit as you step into the ring and the body-hugging silhouette fits like a second skin, allowing you to move exactly as needed. Speedwick fabric keeps you dry as you master the intense bursts of energy required to throw perfect jabs and hooks. The wide, high-rise waistband won’t budge as you dip and weave and the lightweight fabric doesn’t weigh you down as you work hard to stay nimble on your toes.  

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CrossFit® / February 2020
Bethany Heitman, Reebok Contributor