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Training / April 2020
Brooke Rosenbauer, Reebok Contributor

#LiftUpMyTrainer Spotlight

Reebok celebrates the trainers that help us reach our goals. While you’ve been hunkered down and need to sweat, Erik Zeyher has been just a click away. We say thank you with a spotlight here.

Name: Erik Zeyher

Who are you in 90 characters or less? CCFT (CF-L3) Entrepreneur. Coach. People Helper. Owner of Warlock CrossFit | Move The Needle Nutrition.  

Social Handles and/or Website: IG: @Erik Zeyher,,, TikTok @ErikZeyher 

Why do you teach/train?  

How do I answer this without being corny haha! I teach because I love to help people. Whether it’s inside or outside of the gym, I know what I’m doing is going to help them be a better person. In short, I teach, educate and inspire to build relationships, help people improve their health markers and make it the best hour of their day.   

I train to lead by example and be a part of my CrossFit community. One class a day 5 times per week.  

What classes do you normally teach / what is your training expertise?  

I normally teach the 5:30 am class and the 4 pm class! My training expertise is building unwavering confidence and an unbreakable mindset in every single one of my athletes. I do this by communicating and helping them understand how to take ownership of their workout. I’m quickly learning that for them it carries over to everything else in life.  

How have you adapted your business to still inspire people at home?  

We’ve been working around the clock as a team. Everything from lending out over $55,000 worth of equipment to assigning each member a specific coach, to making phone calls to members, helping local businesses, teaching online classes. My team has worked tremendously hard to make sure people are moving during these difficult times and having fun along the way.  

We’re in a unique position as a gym because my team at MoveTheNeedle.US and I built a top notch online nutrition company with doctors, nutrition coaches, diabetic educators, CrossFit coaches etc. As soon as the COVID-19 shutdown happened we took 6 years of Warlock CrossFit material and switched it online overnight. We’re providing all of our programming online, video explanations of the workouts, explaining the stimulus, chats, zoom / tele health meetings, one on one programming, nutrition the list goes on and on. Here’s the kicker though, it’s all online and in one platform that we created. It’s made coaching, building relationships and communicating to help our members so much easier because it’s all in one spot. We’ve been working with a bunch of other affiliates across the globe from Florida all the way to Zurich with getting online on our platform with their program so they can continue to do what they love and make it sustainable. It’s pretty awesome to see 2 year’s worth of work come to life literally overnight!  

Are you currently offering virtual classes? If so, when and how can people join?  

We are offering Online Programming and virtual classes!  

Online Programming and access to our Zoom Classes: Click Here   

For One on One Nutrition Coaching: Click Here  

What advice would you give to other fitness professionals to get through these times? 

I think that this is three fold: 

1. Help your members. Build relationships by going above and beyond, lend equipment, make phone calls, see if your members need help with anything from groceries to just going over and talking outside (from at least 6 feet away haha).   

2. Help your coaches. Lay out a clear path for what they need to do, what they can do, what’s expected and realize that this is sometimes as hard for them as it is for the members. Everyone can be a little nervous and it’s important you communicate around the clock to lead them and the community in what can be doing in the darkest hour.  

3. Look how you can help outside your walls in the community. There’s a lot of people and businesses who are going to struggle. It’s our responsibility to help where we can. We know that when the CrossFit community runs together it makes noise, there’s power in numbers, use that noise and opportunity to help others around you.  

How can fitness professionals lift each other up right now?   

It’s as simple as a phone call or a text checking in on each other. Once or twice a week I call a few other head coaches or gym owners. We check in on each other, share ideas, chat about how we’re handling the transition. Those conversations are fun, refreshing, spark ideas, collaborations and really have made all the difference for me. 

What is your favorite non-fitness outlet to cope with the current stress of the world?  

I love what I do. I’m one of those people that find calm in the chaos, so I feel right at home.  I don’t feel I need an outlet because I enjoy creating online content, interviewing industry leaders, doctors, teaming up with Whoop, helping Project Purple run online classes, shooting videos, delivering an online program, setting up one on one training, doing this from an online standpoint is something I’ve been eager to set up. Now I have a month to set it up and run with it. Nothing is holding me back but the sleep I need haha. If I’m picking one thing I do in addition to the fun stuff with the gym it’s listening to music. Nothing like a little Drake, Kaskade or Rick Ross depending on the mood. 

How are you giving yourself #permissiontopause?  

Hahaha what’s that? Just Kidding. This has probably been the hardest part for me. It’s easy right now for me to work literally around the clock. I know that when we open back up I need to be at 100 percent, ready to lead from the front. So I give myself permission because I need to be good for that. I also figured out, when I take time away to decompress, what I need to do to grow becomes super clear. That time allows me to be at 100% for my members, my team and myself.  

Training / April 2020
Brooke Rosenbauer, Reebok Contributor