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Training / May 2020
Brooke Rosenbauer, Reebok Contributor

#LiftUpMyTrainer Spotlight

Reebok celebrates the trainers that help us reach our goals. While you’ve been hunkered down and need to sweat, Hunter Collins has been just a click away. We say thank you with a spotlight here.

Name: Hunter Collins    
Who are you in 90 characters or less? CF-L2 and General Manager at CrossFit 15-501. 
Social Handles and/or Website: IG: @CrownedPrinceHC
Why do you teach/train?  
I teach because I love seeing the excitement our members get from achieving something they previously thought was impossible. Building relationships inside the gym that help people become better versions of themselves will never get old.
What classes do you normally teach / what is your training expertise?  
I mainly coach CrossFit, but I also personal training with a few clients. 
How have you adapted your business to still inspire people at home?  
Our CrossFit facility has adopted a 3-4 class a day virtual class schedule. These classes come complete with programming, movement demonstration videos, and workout explanation videos. Our staff has also done an amazing job at creating weekly and monthly challenges to keep our members engaged. 
Are you currently offering virtual classes? If so, when and how can people join?  
Yes, our virtual classes occur every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7:00am, 8:30am, 12:00pm, and 5:00pm. There isn’t a 7:00am class on Tuesday or Thursday, but the 8:30, 12:00, and 5:00still run as scheduled. Our members have been given the link to all of these calls and non-members can reach out via social media or our website.  
What advice would you give to other fitness professionals to get through these times? 
Control the things that you can control. With so much uncertainty surrounding the world right now we have to remain being sources of positivity for our clients.  
How can fitness professionals lift each other up right now?   
I think it is always important to reach out to others and simply check on them. You never know how far a simple, “how are you holding up?” can go.  
What is your favorite non-fitness outlet to cope with the current stress of the world?  
Currently I’ve been doing A LOT of binge watching on the different streaming apps. It’s probably embarrassing how many series I’ve completed so far, but I haven’t had this much free time in years. 
How are you giving yourself #permissiontopause?  
I know that breaks are necessary for sound mental health. Taking daily walks while listening to music has become part of my daily routine and I absolutely love it.
Training / May 2020
Brooke Rosenbauer, Reebok Contributor