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Training / May 2020
Brooke Rosenbauer, Reebok Contributor

#LiftUpMyTrainer Spotlight

Reebok celebrates the trainers that help us reach our goals. While you’ve been hunkered down and need to sweat, Paul Wright has been just a click away. We say thank you with a spotlight here.

Name: Paul Wright
Who are you in 90 characters or less? Former athlete and lover of all kinds of movement to train the mind and the body. 

Social Handles and/or Website: Instagram: @thatgetwright, Website:
Why do you teach/train? 
Growing up I all I knew was sports and exercise. My passion grew so deep that I gave myself no other choice but to be a pro athlete or do something that came “naturally” to me as a kid. Once football ended for me at 25, the next best and natural hobby I had was for movement. I can't get enough of finding out what my body and mind are capable of and since I've always loved fitness so effortlessly, it's been easy to coach it to other people.
What classes do you normally teach / what is your training expertise? 
In the San Francisco Bay Area, I teach high intensity large group classes at Barry’s and small group strength training classes privately. My goal is always to bring out the inner athlete that lives inside of all my clients. I do this by incorporating routines and workouts that instill the confidence they need to push through mental limitations during our sessions but also in all aspects of life.
How have you adapted your business to still inspire people at home?
I had a ton of old dumbbells that I didn’t need so for the next round of my now virtual small group training, I offered weights to people who signed up. Driving all around the Bay area (with a mask!), I’ve been loaning people weights so I could still have a strength training feel to what I offered. Want to make sure people can still “train” at home and not just do burpees all day :). Weights have been very hard to come by so giving people what I already had was the first thing I could do to help out my community.
Are you currently offering virtual classes? If so, when and how can people join? 
I am! I currently teach a twice a week class where I combine strength and athletic training to give people a one of a kind workout experience. I have people sign up and commit to four weeks to ensure we all feel the progression together all the way until the end. I also teach a once a week free body weight class to the public and you can sign up for those at 
What advice would you give to other fitness professionals to get through these times?
I’d say to lean into the community you have! We are lucky to be in the field we are in because a lot of people are looking for outlets like movement to escape from the news, or the boredom of sitting around the house! 
How can fitness professionals lift each other up right now?  
Promoting your close peers’ events and SHOWING up to take them virtually of course. I'm trying to pop into a few random classes each week to add another source of energy for my friends that are teaching or coaching. When I have my peers joining my workouts, it provides a much-needed feeling of support. 
What is your favorite non-fitness outlet to cope with the current stress of the world? 
I guess I have no life because everything I do to escape this reality has been fitness or health and wellness related pretty much haha. One thing I have done that I wasn't doing before was get back into the habit of cooking and prepping my meals a bit more frequently; setting myself up for more success nutritionally
How are you giving yourself #permissiontopause? 
Figuring out new ways to navigate these times with training has kept me very busy so it's been very necessary for me to find my moments of stillness. I always want to be ready to go for anyone that trains with me so getting back in tune with my sleep and meditative practices will ensure I keep providing the positive light and energy all of my clients need at this time :)
Training / May 2020
Brooke Rosenbauer, Reebok Contributor