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Training / May 2020
Brooke Rosenbauer, Reebok Contributor

#LiftUpMyTrainer Spotlight

Reebok celebrates the trainers that help us reach our goals. While you’ve been hunkered down and need to sweat, Alejandro Terrazas has been just a click away. We say thank you with a spotlight here.

Name: Alejandro Terrazas
Who are you in 90 characters or less? Born & raised in Bolivia, coach/instructor for 10 yrs, inspired, motivated to help others.

Social Handles and/or Website: IG: @unleashfit, Community IG: @Pride_unleashfit, Twitter:@unleashfit, Facebook:@unleashfit, Website:
Why do you teach/train? 
I teach/coach because of my purpose. Ten years ago, I had no drive or desire to help anyone because I didn’t know how to help myself. Once I got into fitness, I had learn the discipline, habit, and routine to better myself. As I learned that, I implemented that impact on others through working out, motivating them, and inspiring them to better themselves. I believe that we all are unique and we are born with a set of skills that makes us who we are in this world. What ultimately motivates me to teach others fitness is the ability for me to help them discover their skill and master it in order to unleash their confidence, self-esteem, mood, lifestyle, and mindset to make them even stronger human beings. 
What classes do you normally teach / what is your training expertise? 
I teach HIIT classes, strength and conditioning based classes. My expertise is strength, most of my classes are designed to maintain or create more strength.
How have you adapted your business to still inspire people at home?
I have created a community IG private page to engage with real people. I adapted the UnleashFIT’s  P.M.I Mantra (Purpose, Mindset and Impact). It has helped me create a movement for myself that I know it works if given the effort. I have used that movement to inspire others at home while creating a routine for them.
Are you currently offering virtual classes? If so, when and how can people join? 
Currently I am offering morning classes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday via Zoom and will officially be on Classpass. I also have “The Program” which is small group training that I offer to people.
What advice would you give to other fitness professionals to get through these times?
Many of us are independent coaches and are forced to adapt in new ways to train clients (social media, zoom etc.). Our course is to find ways to at least maintain our brand since we are our own brand. But then there are coaches that have worked for a big box gym or corporation and depend on them. My advice to them is be positive, focus on what you want to make of your own brand, research ways to increase your reach since all is virtual, be transparent. I know the it will be hard but trust me as coaches we know adaptation is mandatory if you want success. Stay in your course or make one. 
How can fitness professionals lift each other up right now?  
I believe in the saying that if your jar of water is empty, you can't pour any water to other cups. Even though we are coaches, we do need some motivation and inspiration from other coaches as well so we can impact our own community. We thrive on community, so collaboration workouts, IG live videos, seminars with other coaches can be useful. We can collaborate not only on workouts but also in mindset, recovery, and transparency talks that can help alleviate the stress we also have.
What is your favorite non-fitness outlet to cope with the current stress of the world? 
I love to smile so I watch comedies and movies that brighten up my mood. You can never go wrong with Disney movies. I play none online video games just to liberate my brain. I read fiction books to increase my imagination, I invest in a 90-minute non-negotiable time to meditate or complete a personal task (like cleaning or decluttering my home). 
How are you giving yourself #permissiontopause? 
I reflect on the things that truly matter to me like my kids, my true mission to leave a legacy. While taking a break from social media and anything with a screen I reset myself by learning more about me, my routine, habits, skills. It is all about self care.
Training / May 2020
Brooke Rosenbauer, Reebok Contributor