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Training / October 2021
Jeff Wilser, Reebok Contributor

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Picks For Him

Take his workout gear to the next level with this season’s perfect presents.

This season, when you’re scrambling to find the perfect present for a boyfriend, husband, cousin or coworker, there’s one tactic that consistently works: Leveling up his workout gear. 
Because while it’s true that any guy who loves hitting the gym probably owns some basic workout gear, it’s equally likely that his gear is outdated, worn and desperately in need of an upgrade. Left to his own devices, your man may never think to replace his faded hoodie or threadbare socks, making your gift of new workout apparel both a practical win and genuine surprise. And with all the fresh looks out there this season, from athleisure to high-performance, you’re guaranteed to find a gift in this guide that suits his personality and workout style. 
Pound for pound, few items pack as much punch as the classic knit beanie. It’s wildly functional, can be paired with just about any combo of workout gear, and instantly makes the coldest winter runs more bearable. The beanie is simple but effective, and it’s one style that even guys who aren’t typically hat guys still look good in.
The secret to a good workout shoe is versatility. Ideally, trainers should perform just as well during indoor circuit training as they do during a run by the river or crushing burpees in the park. Enter the Nano XI. The Floatride energy foam provides lightweight, ultra-responsive cushioning for training anywhere, anytime.
Clean. Minimalist. Grounded. The no-dye tee is exactly what the name promises, offering a neutral color palette that works in harmony with the natural world. Bonus: The organic cotton is next-level soft, making it an easy choice for chilling out post-workout.
It’s simple logic: If he’s running, fleece joggers will keep his legs warm. If he’s not running, fleece joggers will make his legs look good. Done and done. A few additional perks: The hand pockets give him a place to stuff his keys, the cotton is sustainably sourced and the joggers have a clean design that goes with just about anything. 
While it’s true that as children, it was never fun to unwrap a present and discover socks instead of toys, it’s also true that as adults, socks are both highly practical and highly appreciated. Especially good ones, like these fold-over crews. Reinforced heel: Check. Reinforced toe: Check. Fold-over cuff that lets you tweak the look and fit: Check, check and check. 
You’d be hard-pressed to find a guy who doesn’t covet these throwbacks to the ’80s courts. The clean, timeless, no-nonsense design works with just about anything. If it’s freezing cold in January, these sneakers will dress up his jeans. If it’s blistering hot in July, not a problem: He can match these shoes with Bermuda shorts. An easy winner. 
If he’s a runner—or does any kind of activity that involves the occasional sprint—then he’ll appreciate the Floatride Energy 3, made from mesh and foam cushioning that blends support, comfort and breathability. Choose from nine colors to match his personality, from red ember to cool shadow. 
Sometimes it’s best to just go with the classics. This logo tee is no muss, no fuss, featuring a welcome dose of honest simplicity. Perfect for a pickup game of hoops, post-practice lounging or basically any kind of leisure activity that doesn’t involve a tie. 
The future should respect the past. That’s the ethos of the Leather Legacy AZ, which confidently blends ’80s-inspired style with a modern, earth-friendly sensibility. These shoes have the nylon and suede game locked up, and the vintage bad-assness is second to none. The cherry on top: These kicks are as sustainable as they are stylish, made with at least 30 percent recycled materials. 
Every guy needs a solid hoodie. On the most obvious level, it keeps him warm while running in the pre-dawn cold, playing soccer or shooting hoops. And yes, it looks cool. But there’s a sneakier benefit. The design of the three-piece hood grants some added functionality, letting him block out distractions, focus on his game and stay locked in on his workout. And, okay, maybe the hoodie lets him hide that he’s napping on the couch. No judgments.
One you’ve got the gifts you need for the guys in your life, keep the party going with fitness gifts for her, fitness gifts for sneakerheads and gifts for fitness lovers.

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Training / October 2021
Jeff Wilser, Reebok Contributor