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Training / October 2021
Kristen Geil, Reebok Contributor

The Best Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Chestnuts roasting on the open fire; Jack Frost nipping at your nose; struggling to come up with gift ideas for the gym lover in your life—ah, the holiday season is here again. Whether you’re buying for the guy who recently discovered a love of running or the woman who lives in athleisure even on her rest day, these top picks (yes, Santa checked them twice) have you covered. 
A great workout starts with a great pair of shoes, and the latest Nano X1 Men’s Training Shoes are definitely going to help him get that back squat PR. This versatile workout shoe is a blend of classic Reebok style and modern functionality. The Flexweave knit upper offers breathability and extra support for multidirectional movement (broad jump burpees, anyone?). The forefoot features Floatride Energy Foam cushioning for lightweight responsiveness and a heel clip adds stability for extra confidence on that last rep. Wrap this up for the guy who’s got big fitness resolutions for 2022.
Nano X1 TR Adventure
Know someone who got really into outdoor workouts last year? The Nano X1 TR Adventure is the perfect gift for the guy who made monkey bars part of his upper body burnout. It’s got the same fitness-focused design as the Nano X1, but with a rugged sole that helps him keep his footing as he’s doing box jumps on a picnic table. Bonus: This training shoe features a smart lace closure, making it virtually impossible for him to trip over his untied shoelaces. 
If there’s one universal truth about buying gifts for fitness lovers, it’s that there’s no such thing as owning too many leggings. This lux pair is made for high performers—the woman who’s a regular at 5 a.m. bootcamp or your sister who crushes half marathons on the weekend. The directional design means no itchy distractions during a Tabata finisher and the high waist guarantees comfort and support all day long. 
This is for the guy who drinks his pre-workout beverage in a reusable cup before hitting the natural-fiber mat at the gym. Made with at least 30% recycled materials, these shorts will make him feel good about going green in his fitness routine. Speaking of green—these olive-hued shorts are made from a lightweight, stretchy fabric for easy movement. Subtle laser cuts add style and a side zip pocket holds keys or cards for a hands-free workout.
For the friend who doesn’t let a little sweat keep her from going straight from boxing to brunch, wrap up this hot pink tank top. The lightweight, breathable material is quick-drying for the sweatiest workouts (see: hot yoga class). Plus, the perforated design adds a little something extra while wicking away sweat. This training tank top will quickly become one a go-to.
Fitness lovers’ best-laid plans are often foiled by one thing: bad weather. With this gift, it’s still game on no matter what’s happening outside. The training jacket is made out of a stretchy, comfy cotton-blend knit that’s perfect for layering (and would go nicely with the perforated tank above). The high collar adds a little edge as well as protection from the elements and the front-zip pockets are perfect for a phone, keys and wallet. It’s a jacket that can go straight from street to studio and back again.
For the guy who takes it seriously when the instructor says to go all out, gift a T-shirt that can stand up to his best sprint. This Activchill men’s tee is like working out with a fan blowing directly on you, so it’s ideal for someone who loves high-intensity spin classes, intervals on the treadmill and pushing to the VO2 max limit. The mesh back provides extra ventilation, which comes in handy when the instructor tells you to sprint at a 6% incline.
Know someone who’s into sustainability? Surprise them with the Zig Kinetica II Grow Shoes made with at least 50% plant-based materials. They’re the perfect option for roaming farmer markets, dropping off the recycling and walking instead of driving. Plus, the Zig Energy Bands outsole stretches and snaps to return the kinetic energy to your stride. The black color goes with anything and everything, so don’t be surprised if you see them rocking these shoes several days a week.
Your guy picked up a running habit over the last year, but now his once-new running shoes are looking a little worse for the wear. Give him the upgrade he deserves with the Float Energy 3 Adventure running shoes. These versatile shoes are for pounding the pavement in all kinds of weather, thanks to the water-resistant upper and rubber outsole. Pair these running shoes with an offer to train together for a 5K in the spring and it’s a win-win.
For the friend who’s always got her hands full, this little waist bag makes a thoughtful, practical gift. It has room for the essentials, making travel between the gym, home and work a snap. Wear it like a classic fanny pack or sling it cross-body for an updated look. 
If you thought bucket hats would never be back in style, guess again. Grab this for the friend who’s always on the forefront of the latest trends. The look stays low key with a simple contrasting logo on the front but don’t be fooled: It’s still catwalk-ready even after a grueling Pilates session. 

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Nano X1 TR Adventure
Training / October 2021
Kristen Geil, Reebok Contributor