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Style / December 2020
Julie Bensman, Reebok Editorial

The Best Stocking Stuffers for Men

Our tips and top picks for stress-free holiday gifting.

Breathe. It’s the holidays again. And even though this year is going to be a little different than last, in some ways, thoughtful stocking stuffers for men are more important than ever before. For all the guys you wished you could have seen more of in 2020, sending them the best stocking stuffers by mail or dropping them off on doorsteps is the next best thing to the holiday parties of yesteryear (remember those? Ahhh…)
Just as giving stocking stuffers isn’t the same this year, shopping for them looks different, too. With less IRL shopping trips to inspire you, it’s important to do your stocking stuffer ideas research online before deciding on the perfect gifts. We’ve made it a little bit easier with our men’s stocking stuffer tips and picks below.

Price Points

What exactly defines the best stocking stuffers? It mostly comes down to price. Think of the best stocking stuffers as items around the $50 mark. “That’s mostly just a guideline,” says personal stylist Meg Gallagher. “You could always buy men’s stocking stuffers in smaller dollar amounts. It’s the gift and the thought that matters, not the cost.”
After checking your list twice, figure out who gets a big present and which guys get a bunch of men’s stocking stuffers. The latter group usually includes coworkers, hair stylists, trainers and/or mailmen. “I like to give money or gift cards,” says Gallagher. “They’re always appreciated and also flexible, in case you don’t know the person intimately.”
For other guys you’re in the process of getting to know, Gallagher recommends masculine candles, a coffee subscription or neutral throw blanket. “You want to stick to stocking stuffers for men that have a neutrality in terms of color and style, but still represent quality and thought,” she says.

2020 Trends

With more and more people shopping online this holiday season (and the fact that we’re in the middle of a global pandemic), experts expect to see some new trends emerge. Gifts relating to home, cooking, mental health, games and puzzles, loungewear and fitness will all be big.
“Look for masks and related accessories,” says fashion stylist Julie Matos. “And subscriptions are looking to be big this holiday. Maybe it’s a flower of the month club or a workout package of online classes.”
When it comes to stocking stuffers for men, Gallagher says they definitely tend to be more practical. “Men want to know how they’re going to use it,” she says. “But the best stocking stuffers should always feel like a treat. I like to take notes throughout the year. When a guy mentions something they might like, I write it down. Then, during the holidays, gift giving is way less stressful.”
And as for gag gifts? Maybe save those for another year. “The holidays, especially this year, is a time of nurturing relationships and showing gratitude, love and appreciation,” says Gallagher. “A gag should be saved for a milestone birthday or bachelor gift.”

Now, For Some Ideas…

From Meg Gallagher, personal stylist:
“High-performance fitness face masks, running pants for cold weather, beanies, fitness boxers, nutrient bars and wireless earbuds that can track heart rate.”
From Julie Matos, fashion stylist:
Running gloves, a cookbook with health recipes and a hat with an inner sweat band.”
From Brendan Cannon, celebrity stylist:
Socks, scarves and sunglasses that work with most face shapes. If they drink, a nice Italian red wine or French Sancerre are great choices. And you can rarely go wrong with anything chocolate.”
The best time to start shopping? Now, of course. And we’ve got everyone on your list covered.
Style / December 2020
Julie Bensman, Reebok Editorial